Here at Effies salon we are passionate about skin and love to see great skin results! Our beauty therapists are Dermalogica skin experts and are ‘clean touch’ certified, so be sure you’re in a safe environment and clean hands.

Each treatment is customised at every step by our therapist based on your skin analysis to guarantee best results for your skin. We use advanced product techniques & technology to address all skin concerns ans achieve healthy glowing skin.
Pro Skin 30
Target your skin’s main concerns with an intensive 30 minutes treatment. Ideal solutions for specific skin issues between full treatments.
Pro Skin 30 Course
Get your best skin ever with a course of 3 treatments.
Pro Skin 60
The ultimate 60 minutes treatment for all skin types different every time. Includes professional double cleanse, resurfacing, extractions (as needed), touch therapy, deep treatment and dermal layering.
Pro Skin 60 Course
Treat your skin and mind with a course of 3 treatments.
Pro Power Peel 30 *
Our strongest and fastest peel yet. With a unique system of 3 acids for a deep exfoliation personalised for you. It’s ideal to target fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts. 30 minutes treatment.
Pro Power Peel 30 Course *
Achive your skin goal with a course of 3 peels.
Pro Power Peel 60 *
This effective 1 hour treatment combines the deep exfoliation process of our pro power peel 30 with powerful Ionactive serum, a costumised masque and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing.
Pro Power Peel 60 Course *
Push your skin to the next level with Course of 3 peels.